After Your Visit

Aftercare Instructions

To ensure a quick recovery, please follow these aftercare instructions closely. 

  1. Use an alcohol-free mouthwash after every meal for at least five days.
  2. Avoid brushing or flossing treated areas only for five days. You should brush or floss all other areas that were untreated during this time.
  3. Avoid hard and crunchy foods such as chips, popcorn, peanuts, pretzels, almonds, salad, etc for five days.
  4. If there was an extraction, do not use a straw for five days
Dental Implants

As you heal, the bone in your jaw and the implant will fuse together, forming a strong, long-lasting foundation for your replacement teeth. Depending on the number and type of implants and replacement teeth you receive, the entire process can take two to three months. Please remember that you will return to your regular dentist for crown placement, and you’ll return to Dr. Todd for routine check-ups just like your regular dentist.

For more information, download our Dental Implants Post-Op PDF.